The Damage I got from Kathy Rumer

I got a different unexpected dysphoria when I thought I would finally be happy from having two pieces of shit stuck to my chest for many years… It’s beyond unfair for me to live with.

It doesn’t even matter that I would write my disappointment and despair in every single detail but  basically, I had the surgery 2 years ago with her and from my experience, it was totally useless to consider people’s referrals and successful surgery results by other patients since EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT and just because other people got good results with her, mine unfortunately didn’t turn out to be as such…even when I had a good thin physique to work with that she commented on.  Unfortunately, since location was a big issue for me and without any support from the family, I wasn’t able go to a better surgeon.
In the beginning, she answered my questions during the consult and was confident but in the end, there is no denying the fact that I made the biggest mistake of my life by trusting her completely. It’s not fair to suffer from a nerve damage that isn’t even associated with this form of mastectomy. I don’t see anyone else having this anywhere online so ,WHY ME?!
Visually, if I knew I was going to be butchered to have a botched up look, I should have went to a general plastic surgeon (not focused on top surgery) instead of totally wasting my money for a “cosmetic” procedure when what she gave was anything but.
Whatever concern that I tried to explain to her even from a cosmetic standpoint to the actual painful complication I still live with, the result was the same with her same callous defense.

As a result of her carelessness, I am suffering from the nerve damage in the left side of my chest going to the arm pit, which gives me ongoing pain and restrictive movement, especially when I lift my arm in any direction. It’s just not the same as my right side and I can’t even “mask” this pain by exercising because it actually ends up doubling the discomfort like i had another injury.

I can’t believe someone causing me damage like this has affected my entire being like this to the point where I can’t focus on anything good.

I hope she suffers more than I do.

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